Write On, Wipe Clean Learning Mats

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Early Years
French & Spanish
Customer Comments

"Kids will love the mats because they are eye-catching, colourful and appealing. The text links well with the pictures so they are easy to follow and understand." Vanessa, Primary school teacher with 30 years’ experience, Wirral

Educational Learning Mats are a brilliant new learning and teaching resource for kids, parents and teachers.

  • Helps children trying to learn those tricky basics at kindergarten, primary and senior school.
  • We know children love to learn through hands on activities.
  • Each double-sided wipe clean worksheet provides key learning points on the front. When they’re ready to have a go, they flip it over, pick up a felt-tip pen and practise what they've learnt.
  • Wipe clean afterwards so they can be reused again and again.
  • Designed and approved by teachers; extensively tested in schools.
  • Topics includes hadwriting and maths as well as French and Spanish worksheets for kids aged 3-13.
  • Available in two sizes – A3 & A4, convenient for the classroom, at home or at mealtimes. Light and portable, Write On, Wipe Clean Learning Mats fit easily in a book bag.
  • Beautifully illustrated and engaging for kids. Educational Learning Mats are both simple and fun!